Seven Emirates Investment

As a licensee of 7-Eleven, Seven Emirates Investment LLC launches 7-Eleven which is the largest convenience store chain in the world. Seven Emirates Investment LLC desires to modernize and re energize the retail industry in the United Arab Emirates as well as in Middle East under the philosophy of co-prosperity and co-existing.

Background of the Project

7-Eleven is the largest convenience store chain which has more than 55,000 store in the world. And it is continuously growing with its excellence in franchise systems and high standards in day to day operation.
Seven Emirates Investment LLC concluded Master Franchise Agreement with 7-Eleven Inc. and is launching 7-Eleven in UAE. And we are trying to apply best practices in the world especially Japan, where 7-Eleven business is going most successful.

UAE Grocery Situation

As of 2012 in UAE out of about 9,428 groceries, 8,485 are traditional groceries and number of modern grocery is only 943 according to Gulf News. Traditional grocery is so called “mom and pop shop” and is sometimes too small, dark items and lacking in proper management of hygiene and food safety.
Convenience store is still not common in UAE. Large hypermarket and supermarket is the most common shopping location for daily use items and sometimes customers have to walk or drive 15 to 30 minutes to reach there.

Social Background

Modernization of the city is keeping on based on increasing number of population as well as tourist from oversea. Especially Dubai is trying to attract more people from the world by upgrading city infrastructure including tourist destination, transportation and business environment. This momentum will be accelerated furthermore with targeting EXPO 2020 and 2019 AFC (Asian Football Confederation) Asian Cup. And especially in city area lifestyle of people is getting busier and more and more women is working nowadays.

Implication from Current Situation

There might be discrepancy between what market needs and what industry currently provides in the sense that safe and trustful neighbourhood shopping location is necessary as infrastructure of modernized city. Food safety and hygiene management must be world class, store should be in every single convenient location in the city, products have to be produced and handled in right conditions, and store should be trustful and comfortable for everyone.

Contribution of 7-Eleven

• Develop safe and comfortable neighbourhood shopping location
• Assure product safety and quality (especially temperature control) throughout the entire process which includes production, logistics and sales
• Welcome diverse people from different countries by wide range of products and services at affordable price
• Provide Franchise opportunity to those who are interested in 7-Eleven business including existing groceries and supermarkets


Clean and comfortable store environment at 7-Eleven standard

Role as an Infrastructure of local society available 24 hours and 365 days

Place for bonding in the neighbourhood

Compliance and integrity as a member of the society


Future franchising
existing grocery can join 7-Eleven

Assort more than 2,800 items in 150 – 200 square meter of sales floor

Correspond to change of customers’ demand by location and occasion

Basically stores are owned and run by franchise owners


One stop services (ATM, money transfer, bill payments, Wifi connection, etc..)

Technology to support day to day operation

Temperature control throughout the supply chain

I wish we could grow together to bring happiness to people as well as modernize retail industry and infrastructure of the United Arab Emirates

Khamis Al Subousi
President of Seven Emirates Investment LLC

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